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Are you an indie author in need of a professional set of eyes for your first manuscript?

Or maybe you’re a seasoned vet of the indie world who is searching for a trustworthy proofreader to ensure your current ‘baby’ is ready for your readers?

Or perhaps you aren’t an indie author but need someone who can provide affordable, quality service for a smaller project like an article, blog post, or website?

If so, I am ready to take on new clients and I want to work with you!

Head on over to my services page to find out about my current rates and how to get in touch with me to secure services.

My goal is to make sure no indie author has to forego professional services throughout the publication process for any reason, and especially not because of financial constraints.

I wholeheartedly believe in putting our best creative work out into the world without breaking the bank in order to do so. We don’t have to starve to be artists! 😉

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